While I don’t drive a Volvo I did just I just finished chugging the last of my Starbucks coffee. Does that make me part of the ‘liberal-elite’?

If you believe Clinton’s strategists then you’d think anyone who lives in Ohio/PA who isn’t supporting Hillary is some kind of rich snob who’s never worked a day in his/her life…

“I’ve heard people start to say: Have you looked at the vote in Ohio really carefully? See how that breaks down for him. What does that portend?” said the strategist. “Then they point to Pennsylvania: In electorally important battleground states, if he is essentially only carrying heavy African-American turnout in high-performing African-American districts and the Starbucks-sipping, Volvo-driving liberal elite, how does he carry a state like Pennsylvania?”

  • Modern Esquire

    Did you forget that Hillary WON Ohio… decisively? How does this “insult” Ohioans. If you look at the full exit poll data from Ohio, this analysis bares it out. Obama did as well as he did in Ohio because he’s locked in the African-American vote and the upperclass, educated, white liberal vote, but he does poorly with all other demographics.

    If Hillary had made a dent in either of those two demographics, her margins would be larger.

    Given that Ohioans voted for Hillary, his analysis about the results here focusing on where Obama’s support was hardly INSULTS all Ohioans. Apparently, just white Obama supporters.

  • Fair enough. He didn’t insult ALL Ohioans, just insulted me- and the rest of the white voters in Franklin County who don’t happen to be “Starbucks-sipping, Volvo-driving liberal elite.”

    I think the bigger issue here is: if Hillary DOES win the nomination, will african americans come out to vote for her? what about the liberal elites like me?

  • @1: Analysis also bore out a racist component to the Ohio vote as well but you seemed to have a problem with that.

    I think it’s funny how you have to almost assume that not a single Hillary voter will line up behind Obama in the event he wins to make any of these arguments make any sense. Do no Hillary supporters think her voters will line up behind the Democrat? I tend to think working people will choose Barack over McCain. Well, maybe not the racists.

  • I guess you could argue that Obama has high negatives with racist voters but that’s pretty hard to measure since most people probably wouldn’t admit it.

  • @4: they admitted it at the voting booth. now modern might have different numbers or want to now downplay the meaning of exit polls, but the overwhelming majority of voters in ohio who said race was a factor voted AGAINST Obama. we’ve covered this.

  • I thought the question was: will the racists who voted for Hillary now vote for Obama? or will they switch to McCain? or will they just stay home?

  • @6: wasn’t my question, but it’s a good one. mine posed related to ALL Hillary voters. some of the arguments being made against Obama seem to be predicated on none of them voting for Obama and thus he will lose a state we’d otherwise win with Hillary – which is hogwash.

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