According to a new Fox News Poll

14% of Republicans “would seriously consider voting for third party candidate Ralph Nader” in November compared to 10% of Democrats.

Sadly, a full 21% of Independents also said yes.

Don’t forget Rule #1: “undecided voters are the biggest idiots on the planet”.

All voters: 14 percent “yes,” 77 percent “no,” 9 percent “don’t know.”
Democrats: 10 percent “yes,” 81 percent “no,” 9 percent “don’t know.”
Republicans: 14 percent “yes,” 79 percent “no,” 8 percent “don’t know.”
Independents: 21 percent “yes,” 69 percent “no,” 10 percent “don’t know.”

  • Sebastian

    Ralph, More power to your ideas. Keep working to end this insane war and bring our people home. You’ve been out there making speeches, doing interviews and writing articles and have written at least three books in the last 6 years. And you’ve been writing weekly commentary on the things that really matter, at

    The question is where has the Press been on these important matters you discuss? where have the “Talking Heads” been on corporate crime and the profiteers of this war? The population is too busy being entertained and watching Sporting events to get involved, they take the EASY route and don’t bother to think, settling instead for snippets and quick slogans. Knowing what’s going on in a Corporate controlled State takes WORK.

    Thank you Ralph, for all the good things you’ve done to protect the PEOPLE of this Country. Amazing how quickly they forget, or perhaps they just don’t know. Almost everyone’s lives, or that of friends and relatives of theirs, have been improved and made safer because of you, Some wouldn’t be alive today, if not for Ralph Nader! Their minds have been intentionly bombarded with with Corporate propaganda and the Democrat Party scapegoating machine. Obama and Clinton, and that phoney Terry McAuliffe should be ashamed of their comments regarding you. They continue the DNC scapcoating myth. thank you for your great service to this Country. More power to your ideas.….All the rest of you out there, buckle-up! ….

  • I haven’t forgotten the good things- but I also haven’t forgotten how he fucked the Democrats in the 2000 election.

    I think Democrats have learned their lesson- people will NOT risk voting for Nader this year.

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