Haven’t I been saying this for some time now?

One big fact has largely been lost in the recent coverage of the Democratic presidential race: Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning.

All she is doing is hurting the party right now. Super-delegates would be good to recognize this fact.

One important Clinton adviser estimated to Politico privately that she has no more than a 10 percent chance of winning her race against Barack Obama, an appraisal that was echoed by other operatives.

10% chance, yet she continues to fracture and divide and give fodder to the Republicans. This, more than anything else, should give current undecided supers all they need to know. It’s time to get off the fence, support the only viable candidate at this point and move on with going after McCain and shore up our base of support. Anything less is a true cult of personality that will do nothing but stroke certain egos at the expense of all of us.

Let’s move on. Hillary overlooked Obama and he took it to her. Despite what Ohio or Pennsylvania have to say. This thing is over. Can we begin to heal and go about the business of winning back The White House already? The media, for obvious reasons, won’t end this madness. Only the leaders of the party will be able to. Who is going to step up?

  • I’d say its a much better chance than 10%. A convincing win in PA, Obama keeps sliding in the polls…you never know.

  • I know you’re on the “Wright ends Obama’s run” bandwagon Ben, but it ain’t so. A convincing win in PA means nothing. She’s supposed to win PA by 19%. That’s the bar they set for themselves. Anything more is the result of the Wright smear. Anything less is a disappointment and clear sign the American people are not turning away from Obama even after Wright.

    She has to win EVERY state with 65% to even sniff a chance. I’d say 10% is a bit on the high side of her odds.

  • @1: No, in fact. I DO know. The race is over. Obama will be our nominee. Everything else that is done from this point is just damaging our chances to take back The White House – something most Americans want to happen.

    What you are seeing now is the Clinton campaign fouling with 4 seconds left down by 6 points. It’s meaningless.

  • Clinton nor Obama are going to reach 2025 delegates. If she stays in to the very end and polls show she can beat McCain and Obama cannot… what do you think will happen?

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