OK, so I’ve had a bad day. Not only is my team out but I’m also bringing up the rear in my own pool! Yuck. But hey. Lotta time left. Don’t count me out! Here are the results of day one:

Points are awarded by round. Each win in round 1 is worth 1 point. Round 2 is worth 2, and so on.

Guesswho – 14
Joseph – 14
Scott Bakalar – 13
GoHeelsGo – 13
Paul Ackerman – 12
Jerid Kurtz – 12
Eric Vessels #2 – 12
Eric Vessels #1 – 11
Jason S. – 9

Good luck tomorrow! Anyone else bummed that Belmont couldn’t hold on? 😉

For players (or others with accounts), you can view results here:


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