Q: At what point does a christian leader become a christofascist asshat?

A: When he aggressively pursues a hate-filled agenda that attempts to suppress and censor anyone who doesn’t have the same beliefs

The perfect example of a christofascist asshat is Richard Land> Land typically focuses on important issues like trying to take away reproductive rights from women or terrorizing gays and anyone or anything that isn’t vehemently anti-gay.

With guys like Dick, there is no middle ground. You either accept his interpretation of all things biblical or you are the enemy.

You must hate all gay people or you are the enemy. You must be against all forms of abortion for all reasons for every woman or you are the enemy.

But now Dick has added something new to the growing list of things he hates: the environment.

I understand why Land wouldn’t care about climate change or other environmental issues: he thinks God will save him and the other believers and leave the rest us here to rot and/or burn on Earth.

But what I don’t understand – and the thing that makes this guy SUCH an asshat – is why Dick Land would aggressively lobby against environmental protection legislation- specifically Lieberman and Warner’s America’s Climate Security Act.

It’s one thing to not care about the environment – but to actively fight AGAINST people who are trying to do something positive for the world is a total dick move and, if you ask me, pretty damn unchristian.