Congrats to Team Billary. The race baiting attacks seem to be working as planned in good old PA:

A week ago, her customers at Rauchut’s Tavern in Tacony didn’t have much to say about Barack Obama. But when she returned to work Wednesday, a day after the Illinois senator attempted to quell the furor over his pastor’s racially incendiary remarks, the reaction inside the corner bar was raw and unapologetic.

“People are not happy with Obama,” Gill said. “It’s the race stuff.”

  • Read the article, people. It’s unbelievable. Apparently people have no interest in healing the racial divide; heads firmly in sand.

    BTW, nice to know that people who maybe make a little more money than average and live in a suburb are “elites”. Oh, and that the “average” people care about the war and economy, yet Obama’s speech on race in America seems to have severely undercut his support in the areas populated by “average” Joes. It seems to me that if these folks were interested in the war and economy, they’d be for Obama, not Clinton.

    It’s like people don’t even pay attention.

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