I was flipping through channels last night when I found something horribly disturbing on Fox News: Hannity and Colmes.

Sean Hannity opens this segment by showing some video of another Obama-supporting minister (and Illinois state senator) James Meeks.

According to Hannity, Meeks has been “criticized by the gay community for calling homosexuality an evil sickness.”

And who does Hannity enlist in his attack against this horrible black religious/political guy who attacks gay people?

Ken Blackwell! (another horrible black religious/political guy who attacks gay people)

Blackwell, of course, never gets around to talking about Meeks- probably because Ken supports anything and everything anti-gay.

Instead, Ken immediately goes on the offense against Barack claiming that his race isn’t the problem, “it’s his radical agenda.”

Well, Ken certainly is an expert on radical agendas.

This is the the guy who said Governor Strickland was a member of NAMBLA?

This is the guy who pushed through the anti-gay marriage ammendment in Ohio?

This from the guy who said gay people are like barnyard animals!

Anyway- it’s embarrasing to see Ohio represented by Blackwell- but not surprising on Fox News.

Thanks to naug blog for the video.