final4.jpgOK hoops fans. This is it. The final call for bracket entries. You must have your picks in by 11:55am tomorrow. The pool will be locked in after that time.

Enter a bracket here:

password: plunderpool

We have 6 players so far. Like to get at least 10 in. I’m tellin’ ya. There will be prizes! Don’t miss out.

I know Joe wanted some tips so here it goes for the non-bracketologists:

Pick all 1 and 2 seeds to advance. Pencil in North Carolina, Memphis, UCLA, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, Georgetown, and Duke. I’d also probably pick all of the 3 seeds as well. Maybe pick a 4 seed to lose, but no more than one! Pick at least one 12-5 upset, maybe two. I’d suggest George Mason over Notre Dame as an option. 11-6 matchups are tougher. I’d maybe pick 2 of those though. 10-7 matchups are a toss up really. So are 8-9s. Flip a coin. That gets you through the first round. Remember that you don’t get much of a bonus for picking a big upset in this style tournament.

Second round you will want to go with most of the higher seeds and maybe pick one or two teams that you like seeded from 4-10 to do some damage. Other than that I’d try to make sure my final 4 has a good mix of 1-4 seeds. It’s very unlikely any 10 seeds will get there.

Complete scoring rules after the jump

Scoring Rules

Points are awarded for each correct pick. The number of points per correct pick are as follows: Round 1 = 1 point, Round 2 = 2 points, Round 3 = 3 points, Round 4 = 4 points, Round 5 = 5 points, Round 6 = 6 points.

If a tie remains after the final game, the total number of points in the final game is used as the tiebreaker. Whichever bracket comes closer to guessing the correct total score is the winner, regardless of whether the guess was higher or lower than the actual score.

If a tie remains after the above rules, the bracket with the earliest “Last Updated” time is the winner.

The “Last Updated” time is defined as the last time when a bracket’s picks and/or final score were saved. Making any changes to a bracket’s picks and/or final score will reset the “Last Update” time.

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