As I may have mentioned, I’m back in NYC this week. The conversation around the bar here all week, as you might expect, has pretty much focused on the recent sex scandals.

But tonight I got into a conversation with a local, 50-something, Jewish Democrat who is worried that Obama won’t be able to pick up the Jewish vote because of something his pastor may have implied about Israel mistreating the Palestinians or some such dreck.

My new friend recommended that Barack take a trip to Israel like McCain did this week and get his picture taken, wearing a yamaka, in front of the Western Wall.

Not having seen the picture of McCain yet, I politely disagreed. I argued that McCain’s ‘spiritual leader’ has said much worse stuff and Barack already denounced all of that. Also, Obama may not be an aggressive supporter of Israel but he is hardly anti-Israel. Obama may not be the perfect Jewish candidate- hell he may even be half schvartze but he’s certainly not a yutz- and any person, Jewish or not, should be able to see that without a staged photo-op in Jerusalem.

“Who DO you want?” I asked politely. “That putz Joe Lieberman… again?!”

It was the most interesting conversation I’ve had this week, actually, and after my new friend paid and left I turned on my laptop and looked up the story about McCain’s visit to Israel. I quickly found the picture he was talking about:


Yep. that IS Joe Lieberman standing there watching John McCain ‘pray’ with hundreds of photographers recording the moment.

John McCain: Dear Lord… please don’t let that shlemiel Lieberman screw up my campaign like he did with Gore’s!