Five years into the disasterous war in Iraq – a war John McCain continues to support – it seems like a good time to take a look back on all that could have been.

According to Ohio’s taxpayers have lost $18.3 billion so far for the Iraq War.

That’s about $1600 for every one of Ohio’s 11.3 million residents! And if you want to complain that your taxes are too high- and they aren’t getting lower any time soon- then this ridiculously expensive war might be a good place to start aiming your blame.

Here’s a list of the other stuff we could have spent the money on…

  • 6,495,720 People with Health Care
  • 20,524,767 Homes with Renewable Electricity
  • 414,982 Public Safety Officers
  • 280,599 Music and Arts Teachers
  • 2,114,531 Scholarships for University Students
  • 1,666 New Elementary Schools
  • 170,921 Affordable Housing Units
  • 11,020,822 Children with Health Care
  • 2,853,283 Head Start Places for Children
  • 292,058 Elementary School Teachers
  • 321,802 Port Container Inspectors