Five years into the disasterous war in Iraq – a war John McCain continues to support – it seems like a good time to take a look back on all that could have been.

According to Ohio’s taxpayers have lost $18.3 billion so far for the Iraq War.

That’s about $1600 for every one of Ohio’s 11.3 million residents! And if you want to complain that your taxes are too high- and they aren’t getting lower any time soon- then this ridiculously expensive war might be a good place to start aiming your blame.

Here’s a list of the other stuff we could have spent the money on…

  • 6,495,720 People with Health Care
  • 20,524,767 Homes with Renewable Electricity
  • 414,982 Public Safety Officers
  • 280,599 Music and Arts Teachers
  • 2,114,531 Scholarships for University Students
  • 1,666 New Elementary Schools
  • 170,921 Affordable Housing Units
  • 11,020,822 Children with Health Care
  • 2,853,283 Head Start Places for Children
  • 292,058 Elementary School Teachers
  • 321,802 Port Container Inspectors
  • sfcmac

    There’s so much in your complaint to respond to and so little space, so I’ll try to be brief. More money is wasted on pork-barrel spending and welfare queens who are just as allegic to birth control as they are job hunting. Not enough spending is being done on eliminating illegal aliens, and preventing them and terrorists from getting into the country.
    Money spent on the war against Islamofascist swine, who want to turn the whole planet into a Caliphate, is money well spent. I’d have saved us a few bucks by vaporizing Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, (for starters) on 12 September 2001. But, I’m a former Soldier, not a pusillanimous democrat.

    SFC Cheryl McElroy
    Iraq War veteran

  • Hi Cheryl. First I appreciate your service to the country in the armed forces. I’m from a military family and was also a USMA cadet. I understand the sacrifice and the associated honor of having served.

    I have to take exception to most everything else, however. I think you have a point with pork barrel spending and one thing I’d point out is the bi-partisan nature of such spending insanity. We should all look to limit such things.

    Your “welfare queen” myth is just that – a myth. I’m sorry you so fully bought in to the apocryphal smear that Reagan thrust on to the national stage. Funny thing about his story of the person who had used 80 aliases to defraud the government of $150,000 is that it was a lie. Simply wasn’t true. There is also no evidence that there is significant fraud. You might want to rethink perpetuating such bullshit.

    Nice work on the fear and loathing though. Spot on wingnut talking points. I’d add that “vaporizing Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan (for starters)” is probably not the most responsible of foreign policy positions. Nor is it the most courageous. True courage is demonstrated daily by real soldiers in places they never asked to go by people who never asked to be there. You might rethink your idea of honor. No soldier I ever knew thought the indiscriminate vaporization of entire countries was an honorable thing to do.

    But really. Thanks for playing!

  • sfcmac

    There’s a lot to fear and loathe about a culture who wants to inflict their violent theocracy on the infidels. (yeah, that includes you) We ignore that fact at our own peril. What’s the matter? 9/11 didn’t hit close enough to your own back yard?

    And the welfare queen is not a “myth”, I’ve witnessed it repeatedly in Cleveland and Lorain, Ohio. These types of people know that they can suck off of the public teat and pass it to their kids like an heirloom. It’s that Democrat nanny state that you all love so much.

    True courage is demonstrated by those who back up their beliefs with action, and not merely words from a keyboard. I’ve been there. I know what real courage is, and it doesn’t involve leftwingnut asshats who piss and moan about how bad America is without ever having to sacrifice or take the risks to defend it.

    As for vaporizing, hey it worked on Japan and finally brought the war in the Pacific to a screeching halt.

    Our doctrine should be simple: You attack us, we annihilate you, your supporters, your country. In the face of a brutal religious-based terrorism like Islam, that works for me.


  • @3: I see you spout wingnut talking points all over these here Internets. Congrats on that. You seem quite prolific at it.

    First, 9/11 hit plenty close to home. You don’t have to be a fire-breathing, knuckle dragging wingnut sycophant to be a patriotic American. I know that will come as some shock to you, but it’s true! I still have a photo of my father, stepmother and I atop one of the towers on a visit to NYC. I had to be convinced by a weeping wife not to try to get back in the service in order to hunt down terrorists. Just because you disagree with a war doesn’t mean you are a terrorist lover. You don’t have to lecture me about duty, honor, OR country. I once memorized and recited General Douglas MacArthur’s farewell speech to the Corps of Cadets. You might do well to read it some time. One of the best dissertations on what it means to be a true American soldier and patriot that exists.

    Unlike you, however, I never bought the bullshit story that Iraq was somehow responsible and that we had to invade that country as a part of some “war on terror”. How successful have we been in the war if we’ve somehow been completely unable to catch the one person supposed to have masterminded the entire thing? OBL anyone? If you were serious about a “war on terruh” you’d be calling for an investigation into Saudi ties to the Bush Administration and reasons for us not looking harder at this country as it relates to funding terrorists. I notice you conveniently leave them off your annihilation list. How very convenient of you loyal Bush soldier!

    The welfare queen story IS a myth. Your anecdotal evidence is not very convincing here. Unless and until you can demonstrate any significant level of fraud I’ll remain unconvinced and continue to see it as a wingnut talking point line of bullshit.

    I believe we both know what true courage is and online advocacy is highly American in my estimation – on either side of the fence. I don’t think you’ll find any asshats here who piss and moan, but we usually will think critically about things our leadership is doing and harm it might bring our country. I’d be careful with the implication that those on the left haven’t sacrificed or taken risks to defend our country. You might look a wee more critically at the current administration and gauge what risks they took themselves personally compared to some on the left. You might be surprised there. I will note the lack of your outrage in their indiscriminate commitment to war without ever having to face those risks themselves or having their family members do so.

    You perpetuate yet another myth when you justify the use of nuclear weapons on Japan (funny the standard we hold others to having been the ONLY country to ever use them). Read “The Decision to Use the Bomb” by Gar Alperovitz for another view – unless you are resistant to critical thinking, which it appears you might be. The fact is the bombs were not necessary to effect a Japanese surrender and though it may make Americans feel better about vaporizing innocent women and children, there was no moral justification for using nuclear weapons on Japan. Again, Douglas MacArthur himself dispels such myth by stating his opinion on dropping both bombs: “When I asked General MacArthur about the decision to drop the bomb, I was surprised to learn he had not even been consulted. What, I asked, would his advice have been? He replied that he saw no military justification for the dropping of the bomb. The war might have ended weeks earlier, he said, if the United States had agreed, as it later did anyway, to the retention of the institution of the emperor.” (Norman Cousins, The Pathology of Power, pg. 65, 70-71.)

    Your interpretation of an entire religion like Islam is not surprising given what I’ve read of your rhetoric. Sad, but not surprising. Given your doctrine, you should be absolutely appalled that we have not annihilated those who attacked us on 9/11, but have actually strengthened their numbers and emboldened their followers. We have annihilated alright, but not those who attacked us. Remember, there was no such thing as “Al Queda in Iraq” before we invaded and occupied Iraq.

    It’s almost funny. If our goal really was to not have an Al Queda presence in Iraq then deposing Saddam Hussein was about the dumbest thing politically that could have been done.

    But seriously. Thanks for playing! We are always “locked and loaded” and ready to answer wingnut talking points here at Plunderbund! 😉

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