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The long, hard slog

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Eric wrote this earlier today in reaction to Obama’s speech about race.

I got the sense today that Barack Obama was tired. Tired of the hatred and fear-mongering insanity that has gripped not just Republicans, but Democrats as well. I know I get tired when I have to endure the same types of slurs I saw used against blacks in the south now retooled to attack anyone of a Middle Eastern heritage or having a name that is not familiar to the average Anglo-Saxon Caucasoid. I get tired when I see the same type of fear and ignorance […]

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Here’s the video of Barack Obama’s speech today in Philadelphia, PA. It’s worth watching!

The full text of the speech is available here.

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Tips for Avoiding Sex Scandals

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I’ve been in NYC for the past two weeks watching sex scandal after sex scandal unfold out here.

First it was Eliot Spitzer and his now-famous, high-priced call girl. Then it was the new Governor admitting that he and his wife had extra-marital affairs during a ‘rocky period’ in their marriage.

And now it turns out that ex-NJ gov Jim McGreevy and his wife may have had threesomes with a former campaign aide.

McGreevy quit his job in 2005 when his former lover (not the threesome guy) and national security advisor threatened a lawsuit after being fired for […]

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Obama delivered the “big race speech” today. It was, of course, great. I am happy to hear him take the issue head on and show the leadership so many are asking of the future nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States. He’s stepping up. He always knew he would have to. Though supporters of Hillary Clinton may call him white trash in their pews, Barack always knew the real issue would not be his mother, but his father. His blackness.

I always knew it too. I have a special sense of such things based […]

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John McCain and George Bush have been lockstep on Iraq from day one.

Opening Graphic: “McCain & Bush on Iraq: In Lockstep from Day One”

DON RUMSFELD: “There has been a good deal of interaction between the terrorists in the Philippines and the al-Qaeda and people in Iraq.” [ABC News, “Nightline,” 11/28/2001]

MCCAIN: “There has been significant involvement on the part of the Iraqis and Saddam Hussein in the acts of terror that have been committed in the past.” [ABC News, “Nightline,” 11/28/2001]

Graphic: “…in 2003”

DICK CHENEY: “My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.” […]

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How about this for more-of-the-same: We’ve had a Republican representative in Ohio’s 15th district since 1967.

Chalmers P. Wylie… 1967–1993
Deborah Pryce… 1993–present

That’s over forty years of the same.

Hopefully Mary Jo Kilroy will pick up the ‘Change’ message this year and take back this seat.

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Clips from perhaps one of the greatest works of art of all time, Seven Samurai, set to traditional Japanese drums.

If you haven’t seen this movie, you must find time. The Magnificent Seven is essentially a western remake of this Japanese classic. There are even little snippets of it in the Star Wars films. (George Lucas was heavily influenced by Seven Samurai director Akira Kurosawa. The original three Star Wars films draw heavily on Kurasawa’s style and material, from wipe transitions to characters and story elements – most notably from The Hidden Fortress. I’ve seen most of his […]

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