I’m beginning to think there is a flatal flaw in religion if there are so many out there who spout the most horrendous of slurs and vulgarity during time when they should be inspiring their “flock” with words of divine inspiration. This Manning guy is nuts. He sounds like a Hillary (and Bill) supporter who is coming unglued like some of her other supporters and apologists.

This almost looks like a parody on SNL:

This one should lose any tax exempt status there was (but it won’t):

This one you probably won’t be able to finish:

  • Killer Manning spoof:

  • Neither Manning nor Wright should have any kind of following among normal folks. While I don’t support Clinton, I have to defend her here. The goofy “preacher” Wright has been cited by Obama as a spiritual advisor. As far as I know the goofy “preacher” Manning has not had direct involvement with Clinton. Personally, I feel sorry for anyone who has been fooled by the BS coming out of the mouth of these two pretend ministers.

  • joey willombe mitchell

    paster mannings is a clown..a no good silly black redneckin trash clown who talks shit about mixed race colored people he wants to be biracial but cant get the confidence to admit it..

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