This won’t be the last time I remind peeps that the brackets are available for the first annual PlunderPool. Make sure to get your bracket in. Everyone is welcome and I’ll accept up to two pick sheets from each person who enters (so do up a whacky bracket along with your most serious picks). We are working on some cool prizes…and who wouldn’t want to say they won the inaugural PlunderPool NCAA bracket contest?

So come one. Current players include:

Jason S.
Paul Ackerman
Jerid Kurtz
Scott Bakalar
and me

If you blog, put up a post and invite others in the ‘sphere to play. Should be fun and a worthwhile diversion from the current Democratic infighting. Remember, friends on the right are eligible too. Those not currently banned from commenting at PB, that is. 😉

Get your picks in here:

password: plunderpool

Another reminder along with a full bracket breakdown and advice for newbies coming tomorrow.

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