final4.jpgOK, so I’ve already given myself the segue from politics to college basketball. So let’s talk some college hoops for a bit (at least until the first week of April and for sure all this next week!).

I’ve set up a tournament pool online and you are invited to join. All are welcome (yes, even you conservative types and Hillary supporters LOL). You will be asked for a password to keep the random people out. Use “plunderpool”. We’ll have some fun with it and everyone probably agrees we’ll need something to temporarily take some of our focus off of the current political insanity.

You can get a bracket started and even pick based on seeding alone, but soon after the Selection Committee announces teams you can then go back into your bracket and modify it. The Selection Show starts at 6pm tonight.

I’ll allow up to two pick sheets from each person that enters. I’d rather have people use real names, but if you wish to remain anonymous like online at least use a known blogging/commenting ID. All the brackets are moderated and if I don’t know you I might not approve it. We’ll figure out something for winners at a later date, but this is mostly for fun – and it’s free so even if you are entering the $10 office pool fill out a PlunderBracket anyway!

Go here:

password: plunderpool

Have fun!

PS – tell all your friends! Email me with questions.

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