Funniest damned thing to come along since Naugle took a driver to a Bob Taft bobblehead.

Hillary in the house!

Hillary in the White House!

Notice how he says “we need a woman to clean it up”. Is that sexist?

It will be interesting to see if this one gets pulled. Already 78k views. No worries though. Eric has a PlunderArchive! 😉

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  • We don’t need no bling!

    All we gotta do is sing!

  • Yesterday, when I posted the video in an open thread at Booman Tribune, I got this response

    I saw your post earlier and left up the video all day. About 3 hours ago, I finally watched it. When I saw the Jackson5 rip-off video I thought it couldn’t get worse. Then that Laverne and Shirley rip-off video appeared. Gag. Truly, nothing could be lamer than that crap. Right?

    Well, this video now stands in the Winner Circle of Worst Election ’08 Political Ideas Ever. That means it’s knocks McCain’s funereal website down to 3rd place. And Clinton’s Angry Bumblebee Stunt down to 2nd.

    I knew that “Jackson5 rip-off” must refer to the trippy 70’s style “Hillary for you and me” video. Today I figured out that the Laverne and Shirley rip-off must be this one.

  • w.t.f. was that?

  • @2: just the funniest thing i’ve seen in at least a week…

    dude in the hat is cold KILLIN me.

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