Howard Metzenbaum died in his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week. He was 90 years old.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he moved to Florida. It’s warm and sunny and there are lots of other old people – many from Ohio – who can hang out and talk about the good old days.

My great grandparents moved to Florida after they retired. My grandfather still lives there now. I’ve even heard my parents toss the idea around recently. And after being belted with the recent record snowfall in Ohio, who can blame them.

But I have to admit I was surprised – and a little nervous – when I read at Daily Bellwether that even Ted Strickland is thinking about moving to Key West to open a t-shirt shop after his first term as Governor is over.

I hope he’ll change his mind by 2010.

By Florida standards Ted is still a young man. There’ll be plenty of time for selling t-shirts after he finishes his second term.