Did I mention that someone broke into my garage recently and stole my lawnmower?

There’s that and the fact that someone has been breaking into cars in my neighborhood- usually smashing the back window in the process.

So when I read Mayor Mike’s State of the City speech three things jumped out immediately…

1. Coleman promises to continue putting more officers on the street along with the purchase of 150 new cruisers. More police on the streets = less crime.

2. The city is going to start enforcing the curfew laws. Any kid on the street after midnight will be picked up and taken to the Curfew Drop-Off Center at the YMCA until their parents come to get them. Kids won’t be charged with a crime the first time- but additional violations could result in the kids getting charged with curfew violations and the parents being charged with “parental neglect.”

This is a great idea. It not only gets the kids off of the streets- but it forces the parents to get involved. Mike calls it tough love- and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed.

3. Neighborhood safety cameras! I’m going to email the mayor now and see if I can get one of these on my street pointing right at my garage!

  • Yeah like the cops will enforce curfew. Last night, at about 12am in the hood, 43205, where I live I heard and saw someone firing a gun. By chance a cop was driving by a min later and I told him. He said Ok ,I’ll take care of it. Well, he drove to the BP station, the opposite direction of the gunshots and went in and got some coffee.

  • Oh yeah, secure your own property, I don’t want our tax dollars paying for an unconstitutional Big brother cam on your block. Be a man, buy gun. I clean mine on my porch every couple of days for all to see. I live in the worst part of town and have never had a thing stolen.

  • Once again, I have to question the smarts of progressives. See, after having my car broke into three times; I moved to the suburbs. Now I get to pay lower taxes and not have my car broke into. I also get things like better schools for my children and better job opportunities, etc, etc.

    So I’ll ask again; all cities are run by “progressives”, what makes them better places to live in? All the suburbs are run by conservatives. If you guys are so smart, maybe you can explain how it is that people leave the city to the suburbs, not the other way around.

    So you can talk about long commutes, but I hate to tell you all the businesses are here in the suburbs as well. My commute is exactly fourteen minutes to my office.

  • FWIW, about 14 cars were broken into in my neighborhood not long ago – and I live in the exurbs! So much for stereotyping…

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  • Maybe you should sit in your car and clean your gun, Eric.

  • I’ll get the FBI statistics and we’ll who’s stereotype is correct.

    By the way, you guys still keep dodging my question(s).

  • Every time I answer your questions you just ask another one.

    And I don’t really need to hear any more to understand what you are getting at…

    Poor black people live in big cities and vote for democrats and that’s why big cities have problems and why democrats are bad. etc. etc.

    I get it and, of course, I disagree.

    Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio and Columbus is doing amazingly well.

    Columbus is growing in population and in jobs- something you helped point out with your comments about traffic from suburbs TO city during rushhour.

    And above all else, Columbus has a BLACK DEMOCRATIC MAYOR and a democratic city council.

    I know you live in Cincinnati- and Cincinnati has its own set of problems that a different than those of Columbus.

    But try, just for a minute, to understand that Cincy is just one place- one example- and there are other places in the world where things might just be different.

  • re: Maybe you should sit in your car and clean your gun, Eric.

    And your point is? Maybe you shouldn’t leave valuables in your car. Its called a “detachable face plate”.

    I have two $20 security cams just in case. Maybe Mayor Coleman can buy you one. I would like to see one watching his wife all day.

  • 1. I was going to say something very similiar, James: don’t leave shit in your car that someone would want to steal.

    2. where’d you get a security camera for twenty bucks!?

  • I bought the cameras on ebay. Any comment on my lack of police response?

  • James,

    I’m not sure what the Columbus police department’s policy is on calls related to someone firing a gun in public. One would assume that these would take priority over, say, drinking coffee.

    Maybe the officer called it in and was waiting for backup? Maybe another car was already responding? Hell- maybe HE was the one doing the shooting? Or maybe he really did just ignore you. I’m not sure.

    I do think most cops do their job (and it is just a job) the best they can- but they can’t be everywhere at once.

    Everyone should, generally speaking, lookout for their own safety as much as possible- and not simply trust that someone else is doing it for you.

    Which, I suppose, is why I don’t live in “the worst part of town”.

  • Yeah the pigs ignored me. And actually it was a two officer car , so you can say two pigs fucking ignored a serious felony in prorgrss.

    The guy was not shooting to celebrate New Years, he was trying to kill some one … do you get it? And it wasn’t me. I could have shot him, and I would have too protect my neighbor (because obviously no one else is protecting them) had I thought I would not get charged for some BS reason.

    I guess your suggesting I move. Well that’s fucking nice, did you say that about the people trapped in New Orleans? These cops wait for the bodies to drop before coming in to this neighbor hood.

    So much for Mayor Coleman’s efforts. Cameras aren’t going change that fact bud!

  • Actually I don’t know where you get race from. I don’t mention it anywhere.

    My point is this. Columbus may be growing as a city but they are the exception that proves the rule.

    In general, look at any predominately “Blue” area and you will find a population loss, state or city. There’s a reason for that. Yet I find that there is a total lack of introspection on the part of “progressives” to ask why?.

    People are not leaving this country to go to Cuba because of the healthcare. People there are risking their lives to come here; don’t they know we don’t have free healthcare?

    But why do you “progressives” insist on trying to make our country look more like Cuba when the world’s population says otherwise?

    I’ve never considered myself the smartest guy in the world but I watch the those guys do and I imitate it.

    I’m offering that cities should do the same. Want to look like Detroit? Do what they do? Want your city to look like a suburb? Imitate one. You’ll have a city with lower crime, better schools, lower taxes, etc. In other words, places people will move to instead of away from.

    The way of life you guys propose looks like France, and I guess that’s fine if you want a country with 11% unemployment and lots of racial unrest.

  • By the way…. Duke still sucks

  • @13: Gordo, you don’t have to mention race when discussing urban/suburban socio-economic issues. It’s inextricably tied. Look up the terms “white flight” and “redlining” to get an idea of how.

    You seem to have a decided lack of “introspection” on the causes for urban flight as well – along with any real solution. It’s not just a simple matter of “imitating suburbs”. In fact, I’d argue it could be the exact opposite.

    Funny you should mention France. They actually have a SUBURBAN problem. Their cities didn’t die, but the poor and disenfranchised moved outward to the ‘burbs. That’s where all the riots in 2005 were.

    The mortgage crisis upon us (free market baby!) may give us a similar problem as the nice manicured safe neighborhoods could turn to rotting corpses of their former selves as the growth stops and the need for services begins to outstrip tax receipts (see SFGate).

    Luckily more Americans are buying into walkable development and New Urbanism. That’s a good thing.

  • Thank for removing my post! Was it the words or the sediment?

  • We didn’t remove your comment, James. It just got picked up by the spam filter because of the profanity.

    I pulled it out of the ‘spam’ folder and posted it.

  • And my point wasn’t that you should necessarily move, James. It was just that one part of personal safety is being able to protect yourself in bad situations- the other part is trying to avoid those situations.

    And I agree- cameras aren’t as effective and having more cops on the street.

    And next time- get the badge number/name/license plate number of the cops who ignored your complaint and then call the city.

    If that doesn’t work- call the Dispatch.

  • Thank you for allowing me an uncensored voice on this subject. It angers me greatly and perhaps I went a little overboard the profanity.

    I would report the officers, to CPD or the media if I did not fear retribution.
    And btw they do retaliate! I wish I could feel protected explaining how I know this.

    Next time I will have my cell phone camera running. Had I called 911 I believe they would have responded but way to late.

    Thanks again, from outside the green zone!

  • @15: Agreed! You entering a bracket in the PlunderPool?

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