Did I mention that someone broke into my garage recently and stole my lawnmower?

There’s that and the fact that someone has been breaking into cars in my neighborhood- usually smashing the back window in the process.

So when I read Mayor Mike’s State of the City speech three things jumped out immediately…

1. Coleman promises to continue putting more officers on the street along with the purchase of 150 new cruisers. More police on the streets = less crime.

2. The city is going to start enforcing the curfew laws. Any kid on the street after midnight will be picked up and taken to the Curfew Drop-Off Center at the YMCA until their parents come to get them. Kids won’t be charged with a crime the first time- but additional violations could result in the kids getting charged with curfew violations and the parents being charged with “parental neglect.”

This is a great idea. It not only gets the kids off of the streets- but it forces the parents to get involved. Mike calls it tough love- and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed.

3. Neighborhood safety cameras! I’m going to email the mayor now and see if I can get one of these on my street pointing right at my garage!