I’m all for preventing discrimination on the basis of disability and for providing equal access to government facilities, etc.

But this new bill just passed by the state senate seems a little bit kooky.

It basically changes existing laws to allow ‘persons with mobility impairments’ to get a license to shoot birds and deer from their car.

I’m sure Dick Cheney would disagree, but one could really make a good argument that this is not really hunting. The folks at dictionary.com seem to agree…

Hunt v. – To pursue (game) for food or sport

But that’s not the point really. If people want to kill things from cars, who am I to say they can’t?

My problem is this: why not just let everyone do it? Why just ‘persons with mobility impairments’ ?

I mean- how is a guy who can’t walk – a guy who can’t get out of his car to hunt- how the hell is guy like this going to retrieve the pheasant or, worse, the deer?

Is he going to use his Hoveround?