This is the precise kind of shit the right wants to do with “Hussein” and Ralph King just lost his PB privileges over this one. In comments at Tom “Motherfucker” Blumer’s place (the thread that started the “motherfucker” post), Ralph says this:

Barack HUSSEIN Odumbo is a terrorist loving ass hat. This moron actually thinks he empty speeches will win the hearts of the terrorists he has dressed like…Maybe they would prefer we just call him Buckwheat!

Many have asked me why we gave him any quarter in the first place. One is I’ve talked to him privately on the phone and despite his wingnut rantings he sounded like a decent guy. Hell, we both went on about how we were both good Americans exercising free speech yada yada. That’s all well and good, but this kind of stuff (and vicious insults of a female friend of mine) is it for me. Comments from this hatemonger will get deleted and spam marked by me absent a very public and sincere apology.

Goodbye Ralph. Asshat motherfucker.

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