Despite what folks like the Buckeye Institute want you to believe, Ohio’s tax burden isn’t suffocating individuals and driving away business- and it isn’t even close to being the highest in the nation.

A new report from the Ohio Department of Taxation reveals that:

“The state tax burden in Ohio fell to 38th in the nation last year when ranked on a per capita basis.” This “represents a marked decline from 2005, when Ohio’s per capita state tax burden ranked 27th.”

And while the selfish, tax-hating wingnuts might be cheering this news (actually, they’re probably complaining it’s still too high)- it’s not good news for the state.

Accordng to the Blade “income tax collections tanked” last month and the state is still facing a “best-case-scenario shortfall of $733 million.”

Which means more state employees will be fired and more services will have to be cut or not expanded as planned (like healthcare).

Personally, I’d rather pay the extra few buck in taxes so that the largest employer in our state (state government) doesn’t have to fire more workers and so that less-fortunate citizens and their kids can get the healthcare and dental care they need.

But hell – that’s why I’m a Democrat, I guess.