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Team Billary Totally Spun Out

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Remember the Tilt-A-Whirl? That fair ride that you always loved – right before you got on it. Looked like a GREAT idea, right? Spinning around as fast as you can, your cart independent of the others who were all spinning around the same axis. Fun times. Until you got spun out. Sick from the fun.

I think that’s what has happened to the Hillary for President campaign. They are sick from the spinning. Earlier I got an email from Bill stating “We have a strategy in place and a clear path to the nomination.”, which sounded really odd to […]

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Despite what folks like the Buckeye Institute want you to believe, Ohio’s tax burden isn’t suffocating individuals and driving away business- and it isn’t even close to being the highest in the nation.

A new report from the Ohio Department of Taxation reveals that:

“The state tax burden in Ohio fell to 38th in the nation last year when ranked on a per capita basis.” This “represents a marked decline from 2005, when Ohio’s per capita state tax burden ranked 27th.”

And while the selfish, tax-hating wingnuts might be cheering this news (actually, they’re probably complaining it’s still […]

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I am now 100% convinced that we will attack Iran before the fall elections. I’d suspected for quite a while that the Administration wanted this, but I think we now have concrete evidence that it will happen. You may have heard, Admiral Fallon “resigned” yesterday. Galrahn points out some interesting facts at Information Dissemination.

Four star flag officers, particularly Joint Combatant Commanders, do not resign in the middle of war because of a media report. I read the Esquire article from front to back 5 times, I cannot find a single negative quote from Adm. Fallon about President Bush. […]

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McCain’s TV Funhouse

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Made me think of this:

oh, and this too:

“John Kerry is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years,” McCain said Wednesday when pressed to squelch speculation about a Kerry-McCain ticket. “Obviously I would entertain it.”

How much fun is this gonna be? Hillary, come on. Step aside already so we can get the REAL party started!

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