So here’s a question. How is one to convince us she’s ready to serve in the highest office of the nation – ready to serve on day one – when her campaign has shown a complete lack of readiness?

Her campaign has leaned heavily on existing on-the-ground infrastructure and has had institutional advantage after institutional advantage, yet she has won half as many states as the upstart Barack Obama who surely has fewer connections as does the 35 year career politician. She’s behind in pledged delegates and total delegates. She’s not won as much of the popular vote as has Barack. She’s at the point now where she literally needs a miracle of the order of Obama being caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy (ht Edwin Edwards). She can’t win this nomination. All she can do is drag it out and hope for the best. This is a long way from inevitable.

Her campaign didn’t even really have a plan for the race to go on after Super Tuesday because they thought it would be over by then. Obama’s steady as she goes plan threw her into a panic and made her loan herself $5 million to kickstart her floundering campaign (source of which we still don’t know because she won’t release her tax returns).

So ask yourself. Who would you rather have calling the shots for the country? The candidate who had a plan and a vision and implemented it to near perfection or the candidate who had one plan and failed to develop any contingencies for other scenarios that might play out and when caught in a tricksack flailed about with a kitchen sink strategy hoping something would stick?

I’d say just looking at the campaigns where time after time the ground game organization and overall plan to win has been superior on the Obama side tells you what you need to know. You don’t even need to consider who did what when and who has more experience at what, etc. Just look at the campaigns. Clear advantage Obama. The clear failure to plan for a race this protracted indicates a fatal flaw of arrogance and inability to plan. This most likely would translate to a governing style that is all too familiar. We’ve been down that road before, no?

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