So Team Billary wants to claim momentum now. Funny that. Even though they claimed 3 of 4 victories, the real story is that they split the big states (Obama actually won more delegates in Texas) and the two smaller states. All in all the delegate difference changed by 6. Given that Obama was up by about 100, it doesn’t really change the race at all. Unless you count the spin of wins.

Hell, once you count the March 8 Wyoming contest the difference since losing 11 straight for Team Billary is a whopping plus 4.

Shakes out like this:

March 4
Ohio: Clinton 74, Obama 65 (Clinton +9)
Texas: Obama 89, Clinton 84 (Obama +5)
Rhode Island: Clinton 13, Obama 8 (Clinton +5)
Vermont: Obama 9, Clinton 6 (Obama +3)

March 8
Wymoning: Obama 7, Clinton 5 (Obama +2)

Total to date: Obama 1570, Clinton 1460 (Obama +110)

Mathematically, this thing is over. Politically? Not done by a damn sight.