Sure looks like it. It’s interesting how her 3am ad was criticized for being “Rovian” and this appears very Orwellian (a Rove favorite):

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff said someone in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign gave Canada back-channel assurances that her harsh words about the North American Free Trade Agreement were for political show, according to a report by the Canadian Press.

The report comes just days after a Canadian government memo stated Barack Obama’s senior economic adviser told Canadian officials that the Illinois senator’s own comments about NAFTA were for “political positioning.” The release of that memo helped Clinton defeat Obama decisively in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Ohio, where the trade treaty is unpopular.

Quick. Accuse Obama of what we just did! Hurry! I’m not so sure it’s a coincidence that Hillary and McCain say essentially the same thing in response to the bogus memo.

Kumbaya? Will of the Ohio people? Ohio has spoken?



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