Wow. Talk about a breathtaking turn of events. For weeks now Jerid at BSB has been at Hillary’s throat after having finally come out for Obama. Now he’s apparently worried that his informational pipeline at ODP might get cut off and he’s shutting down all criticism of Clinton even though the primary appears to be far from over with a crucial Pennsylvania election coming up in a few weeks. I’d say the shit that needs to end now is the way Hillary has been campaigning and unfortunately winning.

Interesting as well is the appearance recently of a Hillary ad. At first it appeared under the Obama ad that had been on the site for a while. Now it appears Hillary is on top, like she always wanted:


Why is Jerid reversing his independent stance as a blogger for Obama and against Hillary’s slash and burn style – including even lying about NAFTA to Ohio voters to win? Why is “this crap” that he himself participated in “ending now”?

It’s curious. Maybe he got a phone call from the Fernster. Maybe he just wants to go along with the “will of the Ohio people”. Maybe it’s something else. It sure doesn’t appear to be a consistent position and it’s too bad BSB has bent from the pressure. I don’t remember that ever happening. I can see it after Hillary wins the nomination, but it seems a bit early to be calling for Kumbaya. If anything, Team Billary’s conduct in Ohio should trigger “game on”.

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