Wow. Talk about a breathtaking turn of events. For weeks now Jerid at BSB has been at Hillary’s throat after having finally come out for Obama. Now he’s apparently worried that his informational pipeline at ODP might get cut off and he’s shutting down all criticism of Clinton even though the primary appears to be far from over with a crucial Pennsylvania election coming up in a few weeks. I’d say the shit that needs to end now is the way Hillary has been campaigning and unfortunately winning.

Interesting as well is the appearance recently of a Hillary ad. At first it appeared under the Obama ad that had been on the site for a while. Now it appears Hillary is on top, like she always wanted:


Why is Jerid reversing his independent stance as a blogger for Obama and against Hillary’s slash and burn style – including even lying about NAFTA to Ohio voters to win? Why is “this crap” that he himself participated in “ending now”?

It’s curious. Maybe he got a phone call from the Fernster. Maybe he just wants to go along with the “will of the Ohio people”. Maybe it’s something else. It sure doesn’t appear to be a consistent position and it’s too bad BSB has bent from the pressure. I don’t remember that ever happening. I can see it after Hillary wins the nomination, but it seems a bit early to be calling for Kumbaya. If anything, Team Billary’s conduct in Ohio should trigger “game on”.

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  • Modern Esquire

    Maybe it’s because we’re an OHIO blog, and not a national blog. And no amount of venom is going to change the result of the Ohio primary.

    Otherwise, it’d be like me still writing about Bryan Flannery.

    Ohio had it’s say. It’s time to move on.

    And Jerid hasn’t shut down all criticism of Hillary. He hasn’t been deleting posts and comments and banning users. He hasn’t scrubbed the site.

    He’s simply saying that no good can come from continue the level of discord between the Obama and Clinton campaign among Ohio bloggers. The result is what it is, and our ability to influence has come and gone.

    As for “unprecedented,” first, the blog isn’t that old, so it’s hard to have a precedent.

    Second, you’re just absolutely wrong. Russell did the same thing after Sherrod Brown became the nominee. At worst, Russell ridiculed Brown for focusing on trade so much, but the vitrol over the Senate Primary massacre was gone. Pretty remarkable given that the site was originally started to follow that race and promote Paul Hackett’s unofficial candidacy.

    We also “Kumbaya”‘ed over the AG primary race as well. We’ve also dropped our criticism of D.K. since he won his primary (in fact, even before he won the primary).

    In fact, I can’t think of a single instance when we DIDN’T try to come together after the election.

  • Modern, The primary is not over. There never really was any influence of the vote anyway – we both know that. If BSB had any influence in the vote at all the results would have to be different, right?

    “This crap ends now” sure sounded like a definitive declaration to me, but I guess Jerid is free to define what he meant. I assume it means playing nice and not advocating for his preferred candidate in the Presidential primary – if that’s still his candidate.

    I don’t believe I used the term “unprecedented” so I’m not sure why that would be in quotes.

    You are wrong on Brown. It took more than a few days for Russell to sing Kumbaya. I was there (took me longer). Go look. And, again. We don’t HAVE a nominee yet. That’s my point. You can’t compare it to Sherrod actually winning a nomination. It looks bad to sing Kumbaya unless your position is that you were going to support “the will of the Ohio people” instead of have a personal preference. Odd position for a blogger to take if you ask me.

    I don’t disagree with your premise that we come together after an election and support our elected candidate against Republicans. My only point is this election is NOT over and like it or not many of us DO have national audiences who pay a fair amount of attention.

    You come off looking like a flakey shill and not healing primary divisions by lining up behind the powers that be instead of maintaining support for your candidate. It just looks odd. Had Obama won in Ohio would you be a hardcore backer and tell everyone to stop bashing his experience or his NAFTA position? I’m gonna say I doubt that, but I’ll take you at your word.

    But hey. I bet you feel better! Not alone in the Hill shillin’ woods anymore! Congrats! 😉

  • PS – I fully expect you to be the biggest Obama supporter in the state when he wins the nomination. Won’t that be great!?

  • Eric, I didn’t actually take it to mean shutting down all criticism of Hillary, just of “hit pieces”. And Russo can get a little, um, “enthusiastic”.

    Regarding the Blogad, maybe I suck, but if Hillary’s campaign actually wanted to pay for a premium spot on my blog, I’d take her money.

  • Wow. BSB sure has a come a long way… from promoting Paul Hackett’s unofficial candidacy to slamming the crap out of the unendorsed candidate for Franklin County Commissioner.

  • #4: Depends on how you define “hit pieces” and “critcisms” I guess. I’m not saying blogads are bad, just curious as to the positioning of them and the timing of that is all.

  • My concern is that, with the media’s willingness to promote false equivalence (“There’s mudslinging on both sides!”), it doesn’t do Obama much good to have anyone perceived as his supporter “going negative”. I truly think that Hillary’s behavior–especially her speaking more kindly of McCain than of a fellow Democrat–is beyond the pale here.

    But everywhere I look today, the headline about Samantha Power calling Hillary a “monster” (and subsequently resigning) is featured prominently. And that seems to be getting *way* more attention than Hillary’s antics.

    Or the fact that Obama actually won Texas.

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