I figured after he won the nomination, John McCain would shift his focus to the general election instead of still continuing to try to convince all of his party’s wingnuts that he is conservative enough to be their candidate.

I guess I was wrong.

Today McCain was in New Orleans meeting with the Council for National Policy (CNP)- a super-secret, invitation-only social conservative group founded by the king of all wingnuts Tim LaHaye (author of the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction).

In attendance was Ohio’s own Phil Burress- the former porn-addict turned anti-gay activist who is currently president of Citizens for Community Values.

And what important issue is Phil planning to discuss?

The war? Healthcare? The mortgage crisis?


Phil wants to discuss porn. Of course.

Specifically “the need to apply pressure on federal officials to crack down on hotels that give their visitors access to pornographic movies.”

I’m sure porn is at the TOP of John McCain’s list of campaign issue priorities, Phil. Maybe, if you bug him enough, he’ll make you his senior advisor on porn and porn-related issues.

Man, wouldn’t THAT be swell?