I just got home from work – I left early so I didn’t get stranded there for the weekend – and the snowstorm here in central Ohio is bad. And there are a lot of fools out there (often in luxury SUVs) running without headlights. Leave early, take your time, and be safe.

UPDATE: my wife put her car in the ditch. It’s bad out. Be careful if you have to be out, and preferably don’t go out at all.

  • Wow. I *was* on my way out to the gym this morning, as working out in the pool is a good stress reducer for me, and the political stuff really has me burned out at the moment.

    So I was *really* looking forward to blowing off some steam, but within two blocks of the house I was skidding. I decided to play it safe and head home. Really glad I did now.

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