An appelate court in California has upheld existing state laws that require parents who homeschool their kids to have valid teaching credentials.

There was, of course, an immediate response from the Christian homeschool community claiming that California is biased against Christians because they want to force children to have to learn from people who actually know what the hell they are talking about.

Some even said they’d rather move out of the state than have their kids attend a real school where they would be forced to learn about things like diversity and – gasp – science. (Maybe try Utah.)

The latest ruling stems from a case involving Phillip and Mary Long and their 8 homeschooled kids. The Long’s “were repeatedly referred to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services over various allegations, including claims of physical abuse.”

As a result, the court required the children “to physically attend a public or private school where adults could monitor their well-being” instead of being homeschooled by their potentially abusive mother who never even graduated highschool!

This, my friends, is an obvious case of the state trying to do what is best for the children. It has nothing to do with California trying to persecute Christians.