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Hillary On Day One

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– from Mike Peters

Please note: Before anyone loses their mind and claims I’m being sexist or misogynist, please know the intent behind the cartoon is simply this: Barack will be our nominee and not Hillary. It is not intended to imply that all women must serve their husbands pop-tarts in the morning. Nor is it intended to imply that all women wear silly hair rollers. Nor is it meant to imply that Hillary is barefoot in this cartoon but you just can’t see her feet. Etc., etc.

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Dear Michigan and Florida,

I recently heard that Democratic voters in your state won’t get a say in choosing the Democratic Presidential nominee this time around.

Wow. That really sucks!

I guess the DNC was serious when they made those rules and told you not to break them, huh?

So- you think Howard Dean will change his mind and let you seat your delegates based on your rule-breaking primary election? Probably not.

But I really don’t think he is going to give you $18 million to hold a new primary election either. That’s a lot of money.

Wow. This […]

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Time to clear the air…

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I think there has been some misunderstanding over my posts yesterday morning and Tuesday evening about racist attacks on Obama apparently having a significant effect on the results of the Ohio primary.

People will have differences of opinion about candidates on valid policy issues. Poor, rural voters feel that Clinton is stronger on NAFTA/trade – I get that. I think they are wrong in their judgment, but I won’t vilify someone for disagreeing with me on an issue of policy judgment. That is, after all, what elections are supposed to be about. So, if someone picks Clinton because they feel […]

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An appelate court in California has upheld existing state laws that require parents who homeschool their kids to have valid teaching credentials.

There was, of course, an immediate response from the Christian homeschool community claiming that California is biased against Christians because they want to force children to have to learn from people who actually know what the hell they are talking about.

Some even said they’d rather move out of the state than have their kids attend a real school where they would be forced to learn about things like diversity and – gasp – science. (Maybe try […]

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Why should I vote for you?

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Obama answers the question.

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According to the AP

Gov. Ted Strickland says he would be willing to surrender his status as a so-called superdelegate to the Democratic convention in future elections if it helps rid the nominating process of caucus meetings.

And again, I think Ted’s got it right on this topic like he did on the topic of caucases.

Both are undemocratic and should be replaced by a “primary election-only system nationwide” that lets Democratic voters decide who they want to represent them.

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