… because I really don’t want to stir the pot any more, but… I think it’s too important to ignore.

It appears the Clinton campaign might have been doing some additional race-baiting.

Tensions are running high in Democratic circles between the supporters of senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — and nowhere is that more evident than on the internet.

Some of the more explosive blog posts making the rounds today concern a charge from a couple of diarists on the Daily Kos that the Clinton campaign deliberately darkened Obama’s skin color in a recent television ad.

Doing this is divisive and unnecessary. Blogging about it is divisive… but I don’t think unnecessary. I just wish this kind of stuff wasn’t out there to begin with. It’s right out of the GOP playbook, and while the common argument is that he’ll have to weather it then if not now, what’s being ignored is the fact that this will turn off a LOT of Obama voters in the general election should Clinton win the primary. Liberals, as a group, should be better than this. It’s disappointing when the Clinton campaign isn’t.

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