img_0366.JPGAs some know – and might be evident by my lack of blogging yesterday – I’m in Boston for a trade show for work. Great seafood. Sam Adams in those special Jim Koch designed glasses. Funny accents. The works. Good times.

Today at the show there was an interesting keynote panel that had to do with politics. My conservative business partner told me about it and we attended it this am. Carlos Watson moderated a 3 person panel including himself, Pat Buchanan, and Howard Fineman.

The three began by having a conversation among themselves about the election (with about 600 people listening in). Watson made the great point kicking things off that this event could not have been timed better to talk about the Presidential race. The overwhelming consensus was that yesterday didn’t really change anything and that it was a survival for Hillary more than a momentum changer for her. I’d have to agree completely with this assessment.

Pat Buchanan got the best one liner in when talking about John McCain. He described himself as an “anti-war conservative” and said that John McCain makes Dick Cheney look like Gandhi. Great laughter! It was a good line.

Question time came and I was needing to get out of there but wanted to ask about what has been a big topic this morning on PB. I framed the question to the panelists this way:

Much has been said about Obama’s support in urban centers with high concentration of African American voters. There was an MSNBC exit poll that seems to indicate there was also a dynamic in Ohio of voters who voted against Barack due to his race. Of the 20% who said race was a factor, 80% voted for Hillary. I wondered if you could comment on that

Howard Fineman was visibly unnerved by the question. It appeared he didn’t want to handle it and I got the impression he was not happy to think Democrats could vote in a racist manner. Buchanan took the question first and basically made the point that the other 20% probably voted FOR Obama because of race. Well, duh. A weak answer given the way the question was framed. Fineman finally chimed in and made the great point that racism exists and it probably will forever in some capacity. You could tell he did not like having to make that point.

The rest of the time both Howard and Pat seemed to diverge from the central issue of the question as they went back and forth. The most interesting part of having asked that question is the only person who did not address it at all was the only African American on the panel, moderator Carlos Watson.

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