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Schools vs Wars

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School levies in Canal Winchester and Hilliard failed yesterday.

As a result they will need to cut $25 million over the next three years, degrading the quality of education children in those cities recieve.

Nice job, voters.

But it’s not just their fault. It’s no secret that education funding across the country is seriously fucked up- mainly because our priorities are screwed up.

Hopefully the upcoming presidential election will change that. Unless, of course, we elect John McCain who has promised to continue spending $200 million+ each day on the war Iraq!

So I guess the question is: do […]

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Change is a the hot political theme this season and that don’t think that John McCain’s campaign hasn’t noticed.

I listened to John’s victory speech on the radio last night while driving home from a primary-results-watching party and what I remember most about the speech was his constant use of ‘my friends’ – but that’s probably just because I was looking for that. Or maybe it was just the way John delivered the speech. I’m not sure.

But when I read the full text of the speech today I realized two things:

1. John McCain’s speechwriter is actually […]

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… because I really don’t want to stir the pot any more, but… I think it’s too important to ignore.

It appears the Clinton campaign might have been doing some additional race-baiting.

Tensions are running high in Democratic circles between the supporters of senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — and nowhere is that more evident than on the internet.

Some of the more explosive blog posts making the rounds today concern a charge from a couple of diarists on the Daily Kos that the Clinton campaign deliberately darkened Obama’s skin color in a recent television ad.


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As some know – and might be evident by my lack of blogging yesterday – I’m in Boston for a trade show for work. Great seafood. Sam Adams in those special Jim Koch designed glasses. Funny accents. The works. Good times.

Today at the show there was an interesting keynote panel that had to do with politics. My conservative business partner told me about it and we attended it this am. Carlos Watson moderated a 3 person panel including himself, Pat Buchanan, and Howard Fineman.

The three began by having a conversation among […]

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Come up with the best caption for this photo from the Athens Messenger and I’ll bug Eric to send you a PB T-Shirt…

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Was racism a factor?

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Honestly, I expected a narrow Clinton win here in Ohio (after all, if there is one thing we’re good at, it’s fucking things up for the rest of the country), but I was a little surprised by the margin. As I pointed out last night, exit polling wasn’t exactly flattering to Clinton voters, as it implies that they are voting based on the gender and race of the candidates, and not on the merits. (To be fair, black voters went overwhelmingly for Obama, and I certainly suspect that a good portion of that is race politics – but […]

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