With 69% of precincts reporting and John O’Grady leading Cindy Lazarus 56% to 44% I figure I’ve already lost favor with the soon-to-be-new Franklin County Commissioner, so it doesn’t hurt too much now if I post the stuff I heard today about him.

1. John’s been sending out emails and advertising himself as having “the unanimous endorsement of the 141 neighborhood leaders of the local Democratic Party” even though, I’ve been told, “there were people that abstained from voting at the endorsement meeting” – which means he did NOT get the unanimous endorsement of all people- just those who decided not to vote against him.

2. “Yesterday at the Board of Elections, John O’Grady had to be restrained by one of the BOE security or police officers because he had crossed into the ‘no campaign zone’ and was illegally yakkin’ with the people waiting in line. I was about three people away from O’Grady when the officer told him to move, and I thought O’Grady was going to bust a gasket.”

and …

3. After O’Grady and the party made such a big deal about Lazarus posting videos without a disclaimer, the O’Grady campaign does exactly the same thing by buying an ad over at Buckeye State Blog “without any disclaimer whatsoever.”


And, with that, I guess I’m pretty much done blogging about the primary battle.

Good luck, John.