With 69% of precincts reporting and John O’Grady leading Cindy Lazarus 56% to 44% I figure I’ve already lost favor with the soon-to-be-new Franklin County Commissioner, so it doesn’t hurt too much now if I post the stuff I heard today about him.

1. John’s been sending out emails and advertising himself as having “the unanimous endorsement of the 141 neighborhood leaders of the local Democratic Party” even though, I’ve been told, “there were people that abstained from voting at the endorsement meeting” – which means he did NOT get the unanimous endorsement of all people- just those who decided not to vote against him.

2. “Yesterday at the Board of Elections, John O’Grady had to be restrained by one of the BOE security or police officers because he had crossed into the ‘no campaign zone’ and was illegally yakkin’ with the people waiting in line. I was about three people away from O’Grady when the officer told him to move, and I thought O’Grady was going to bust a gasket.”

and …

3. After O’Grady and the party made such a big deal about Lazarus posting videos without a disclaimer, the O’Grady campaign does exactly the same thing by buying an ad over at Buckeye State Blog “without any disclaimer whatsoever.”


And, with that, I guess I’m pretty much done blogging about the primary battle.

Good luck, John.

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  • bryan

    you stay classy, plunderbund. well, maybe next time.

  • Bill

    Wow! You obviously have been talking to Bill DeMora.
    1) Only one person abstained from voting on the endorsement, Bill DeMora, and by Roberts rules his vote gets counted with the majority.
    2) I love when people don’t think candidates should meet and greet with voters. Damn that democracy in action.
    3) The O’Grady campaign probably didn’t buy an ad with BSB. I’m guessing Jerid made the ad an in-kind contribution since he endorsed O’Grady.

  • Not Bill DeMora

    1) Meeting and greeting voters is one thing; Doing so in areas designated for no campaigning whatsoever is inappropriate and…wait for it…illegal.
    2) The payment of the ad isn’t the issue. The issue is the lack of a disclaimer, which the hyperventilating O’Grady Clan through a hissy-fit over regarding Lazarus. Hypocrisy sucks.
    3) It should also be noted that the O’Grady camp didn’t have volunteers passing out pamphlets at the Board of Elections…they hired them to do so, just like Hillary Clinton did. Embarrassing that with all that political machinery at their back, they couldn’t find volunteers to perform that simple task.

  • 1. I don’t know Bill DeMora- but it sounds like there was at least one person who didn’t support John.

    2. Since the add says “Support BSB. Click On Through” then I’m pretty sure the ad was paid for.

    But none of this really matters.

    I just had a couple of things I’d been told that I figured should be out there. But, please note, I waited until after the election results were already in.

    Unlike BSB who published all of their rumors (e.g. Cindy was actually a Republican) along with some mysteriously-appearing old newspaper photos in the days leading up to the primary.

    Someone has to provide a little balance in a situation like this- and I hope I was able to do that.

    Like I said, the damn thing’s over now so we can all focus on winning the general- though I’m pretty certainly the hardest part of this election is now over for John.

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