It turns out Franklin County voters aren’t all bad

According to WBNS, voters have approved the Franklin County MRDD Levy.

Good work, people.

With 79% of precincts reporting, 69% have voted YES – and only 31% NO.

My only question is: who are these uncaring, unkind and unsympathetic people who voted NO?

My guess: Rich Republicans with healthy children.

  • Jen

    I’m a republican. Not rich but doing okay. I voted for the MRDD levy. My niece has PDD and since our wonderful DEMOCRATIC governor is cutting MRDD/Mental health programs left and right I made sure I voted for that one!!

  • Lu

    I am Democrat, and I voted no on this legislation. The majority of this money goes to putting individuals with mental retardation in sheltered workshops (i.e. Arc Industries). A study commissioned under President Clinton resulted in the Federal government not supporting these work settings. People with disabilities who work in sheltered workshops make less than minimum wage, they are more likely to have their I.Q.s diminished, and in less than 5 years they are even making fewer dollars doing piece work. If this is how you want your money spent, then go ahead and vote yes every time they want more money. There are several states, e.g. Vermont that realize the destructiveness of sheltered workshops and actively closed them,. These states have a much healthier environment for people with disabilities to live in. Ohio has more sheltered workshops than any other state, and it is because everyone keeps voting yes to support an archaic system. What other states do right is to put people with disabilities into regular paid jobs in the community.

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