The day before the polls open for tomorrow’s election, the Columbus Dispatch has reprinted their endorsement for Cindy Lazarus…

In the competition to be the Democratic nominee for Franklin County commissioner, Cindy Lazarus is the better qualified of the two candidates. The three-member board runs the 33rd-most-populous county in the United States and handles an annual budget of more than $1 billion.

Throughout her two decades serving central Ohioans, first as Columbus city councilwoman and then as a judge on the Franklin County Court of Appeals, Lazarus has gained broad experience in public policy and management.

In her 10 years on the council, she earned a reputation as a skilled mediator and consensus builder. She served as the council president for more than three years and was effective and well-liked. Many thought she was likely to be the first woman to be elected mayor of Columbus.

Her grasp of public policy and law make her an outstanding candidate for the county Board of Commissioners, which is overseeing several multimillion-dollar building projects, including the Arena District ballpark for the Columbus Clippers, the new Common Pleas courthouse and a new home for the Franklin County Dog Shelter.

I don’t know about you- but I’m convinced…


  • Nick

    And thank goodness they reprinted it. I think the Franklin County commission will be all-women for quite some time…

  • I haven’t seen any polling on the race- but I suppose it could go either way.

    Lazarus has the name recognition, for sure.

    But the forest of green O’Grady yard signs in Clintonville leads me to believe he might actually have some support beyond the 100+ democratic party leaders who have supposedly endorsed him.

  • Nick

    I know for a fact that some of those with yard signs for her opponent are voting for Cindy. Thank goodness for the privacy of the ballot box.

  • Green Sheep

    Actually, studies indicate that yard signs have no impact whatsoever on election results, and the quantity of them purchased through poor money management does not equate to superior election returns.

    The O’Grady Camp is good at creating the illusion of unanimity behind O’Grady. But in reality, the puppet show is being performed to a sparse audience.

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