I live in Clintonville- a very Democrat-leaning community in Columbus just north of the Ohio State campus.

It’s typical for many of my neighbors to sport yard signs for Democratic candidates. But I was kind of surprised to see so many Obama signs go up on my block in the past few days.

I was equally surprised to see a few Lazarus signs go up- finally giving some competition to the forest of O’Grady signs I’ve seen elsewhere in Clintonville for the past few weeks.

Here’s the official tally for my block…

Barack Obama – 7 signs
Hillary Clinton – 3 signs

County Commissioner
Cindy Lazarus – 2 signs
John O’Grady** – 1 sign

It’s nice to see so many Democrats showing their support while also seeing exactly ZERO signs for Republican candidates- though I do think I saw a Ron Paul sign the next street over.

And, more than anything else, I really found the many combinations of signs interesting:

Lazarus and Obama

Lazarus and Hillary

Obama and Peace

Even Hillary and Obama on the same lawn!

The Democrats- at least on my block – really appear to be engaged in the local as well as the national races; this certainly bodes well for us in the general elections regardless of who we choose in the primaries.

** there are other blocks in my neighborhood that seem to be covered with O’Grady signs- so I wouldn’t read too much into these numbers.