I live in Clintonville- a very Democrat-leaning community in Columbus just north of the Ohio State campus.

It’s typical for many of my neighbors to sport yard signs for Democratic candidates. But I was kind of surprised to see so many Obama signs go up on my block in the past few days.

I was equally surprised to see a few Lazarus signs go up- finally giving some competition to the forest of O’Grady signs I’ve seen elsewhere in Clintonville for the past few weeks.

Here’s the official tally for my block…

Barack Obama – 7 signs
Hillary Clinton – 3 signs

County Commissioner
Cindy Lazarus – 2 signs
John O’Grady** – 1 sign

It’s nice to see so many Democrats showing their support while also seeing exactly ZERO signs for Republican candidates- though I do think I saw a Ron Paul sign the next street over.

And, more than anything else, I really found the many combinations of signs interesting:

Lazarus and Obama

Lazarus and Hillary

Obama and Peace

Even Hillary and Obama on the same lawn!

The Democrats- at least on my block – really appear to be engaged in the local as well as the national races; this certainly bodes well for us in the general elections regardless of who we choose in the primaries.

** there are other blocks in my neighborhood that seem to be covered with O’Grady signs- so I wouldn’t read too much into these numbers.

  • Bryan Clark

    Well, shit. I’m not gonna bother going to work tomorrow now! (See you on the other side, Joe).

  • sure thing. Good luck!

  • ReggieB

    My neighborhood is pretty filled with Lazarus signs in actual houses, while O’Grady signs tend to be on public property. Good luck to all! Peace out, Bro. ReggieB

  • Green Sheep

    Consummate professionalism from the O’Grady campaign’s spokesperson, Bryan Clark.

    An eloquent and shrewd retort, Mr. Clark. Winston Churchill would be impressed, indeed.

    (Bryan Clark: For Democratic primaries before he was against them, just so long as he had a job to pay for his point of view…er, points of view, based on his clever online aliases.)

  • I’ve actually noticed quite a few new Lazarus signs up lately.

    I don’t think you can put up yard signs on public property. If you see one- send me a picture!

  • Green Sheep

    The O’Grady people have been breaking all sorts of laws recently. An advertisement of theirs appears over at their sister site, Buckeye State Blog, without any disclaimer whatsoever. Yesterday at the Board of Elections, John O’Grady had to be restrained by one of the BOE security or police officers because he had crossed into the “no campaign zone” and was illegally yakkin’ with the people waiting in line. I was about three people away from O’Grady when the officer told him to move, and I thought O’Grady was going to bust a gasket.

  • Wow!

    Send me anything else you’ve experienced/heard about the O’Grady (or Lazarus) people and I’ll publish it in one big ‘things i wish i heard before today’ post.

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