So I ask you which is worse. Making a comment criticizing an ad and inadvertently opening oneself up to claims of sexism or taking $170,000 in campaign cash from a company who allegedly harbored serial sexual harassers of women in the workplace.

You decide.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has declined to return $170,000 in campaign contributions from individuals at a company accused of widespread sexual harassment, and whose CEO is a disbarred lawyer with a criminal record, federal campaign records show.

If you ask me, I’d say Hillary has a credibility problem with her desire to get support from women when she gladly takes money from companies who don’t share her values of equal treatment of women in the workplace. Allegations or not, these kinds of things disgust me and should disgust women all over Ohio:

Adrienne Slick, who worked at IPA for seven months in 2000 and 2001 as a business coordinator and is now part of the EEOC suit, told NBC News in an interview that the sexual harassment was oppressive. “I had multiple managers come at me, press themselves up against me … ask me to go home with them, and to a hotel room so they could fulfill their fantasies,” she said.

The EEOC lawyers say the man at the top of the firm – IPA founder and Managing Director John R. Burgess – was among the worst offenders. The EEOC lawsuit claims, “The harassment emanated from the top: the owner and Managing Director, John Burgess, is accused of sexual harassment by at least 10 different women.”

Burgess has a criminal record, too. The former lawyer pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny in 1987 and was disbarred in New York, court documents show. Burgess also pleaded guilty to “patronizing a prostitute” in 1984, according to Erie County, N.Y., court records.

There should be quite a bit more distancing from Burgess & Co. going on and I’m quite surprised there hasn’t been. Shocked, really.

Reject AND denounce maybe?

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