A new Survey USA poll asks Ohioans “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Ted Strickland is doing as Governor?”

Overall he’s at 51% – which isn’t too bad.

But this poll show something really interesting: a surprisingly huge drop in support from African Americans:

34% approve
56% disapprove

In the same poll back in early January, Ted’s approval rating among blacks was 30 points higher!

64% approve
29% disapprove

The survey doesn’t ask people why they approve or disapprove of the Governor, but it seems pretty obvious that this huge drop must, at least in part, be associated with Ted’s effusive and unwavering support for Hillary Clinton.

He’s got higher approval numbers now from REPUBLICANS (45%) than he does from African-Americans (34%)!

I imagine that once Obama wins the nomination, these numbers will balance out again. But who knows what will happen if Hillary can pull off a win next week.