Cindy Lazarus has a new TV commercial …

It’s a positive, straightforward ad that highlights her experience.

Of course, the O’Grady people immediately issued a nasty and negative response claiming that the statements in Cindy’s ad are not “the truth”.

For example, they claim she was not a “respected judge” because she has not been a judge since 2005. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

And they claim she is not a “loyal democrat” because she did not vote in the last primary election. Which, of course, is bullshit.

Personally, I think a loyal Democrat is one who respects his fellow Democratic candidates enough not to try to bully them out of the primary race.

A loyal Democrat is one who respects Democratic voters enough to let them have a choice to vote for the candidate they want to represent them.

  • Bryan Clark

    Bullshit, Joe. This has nothing to do with whether or not there should be a primary. It is about Cindy Lazarus attacking the leaders of the Democratic Party after she sought their endorsement. In fact, Cindy Lazarus tried to push John O’Grady out of the primary. She was against the primary before she was for it.

  • Green Sheep

    No doubt the great fiction writer Bryan Clark will arrive in short order to refute this excellent post from Joseph, but in the meantime, there’s little doubt that the O’Grady camp’s nervous system has resulted in intellectual feats so dunderheaded and vapid that they insult the intelligence of the voters of Franklin County.

    This all from Clark, who once championed democracy while working for Paul Hackett, a man who was squashed by the Democratic establishment so that he would not run. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Clark is all too happy to continue the devolution of democracy.

    The hypocrisy is clear.

    The feigned indignation of the O’Grady camp is laughable and specious.

  • Green Sheep

    Check this out regarding Bryan Clark’s schizophrenic antics, as quoted from Democratic Underground:

    9796, Ohio Beware, local political hacks have infested the blogs.
    Posted by liberalnurse on Sat Nov-26-05 07:10 AM
    Ohio Democrats are going to experience a real revitalization with the 06 election. That spawns insider political hack campaign groups with destructive intentions. It appears they target the blogs first, spewing falsehood flamebait. This is done to stain the first impression one gets of a newer or less funded candidate in effort to make a name for themselves as successful campaign operatives….to get an inside edge on a bigger fish….with the goal of sabotage once inside.

    One of the characteristics I see is that they facilitate their point by using their various screen names on a blog to answer and respond to their own post. False conversations.

    We really don’t know who funds or promotes them but their intended results can indeed be predicted.

    Who is this Bryan Clark? Who really funds this guy?

    Here is a post regarding a tactic where they use multiple screen names on multiple blogs.

    November 04, 2005
    Multiple Blog Personalities

    Bryan Clark, a political hack in Columbus, likes to comment at my blog. So much so, he needs multiple personalities to fulfill the demand, a close review of IP addresses has revealed. He’s Bryan in Ohio, he’s columbusite, he’s ohiopol, sometimes he’s even himself. Almost always, this horde of spontaneous grassroots support is campaigning for Mike Coleman for governor of Ohio.

    When I found out that Mr. Clark’s many personalities were making a home at my blog, I wondered if they had another home. Turns out they travel together, and have many homes. Bryanmclark and ohiopol are at GrowOhio, often dutifilly commenting on pro-Coleman posts, especially ones authored by someone calling themselves “ohioprogblog”, sometimes they even pat each other on the back.

    And there are accounts bearing all of Mr. Clark’s blogging personality names at MyDD, they even talk to each other, and surprise surprise, MyDD’s columbusite, ohiopol, and bryaninohio all promoted a pro-Coleman diary, written by “ohio progressive” whose profile URL is also “ohioprogblog”, a diary which is identical to a Coleman campaign press release, to the top of the front page of MyDD for an entire day. A spontaneous flowering of grassroots support so pure and beautiful to behold that one of Mr. Clark’s blog personalities defended it here as nothing less than Coleman supporters blissfully engaging in democracy in virgin blogospheric innocence, how dare I have the tumerity to suggest otherwise, shame on me.

    I’ve sent an email to the Coleman campaign asking if Mr. Clark has any contractual relationship with their campaign, and haven’t heard anything back yet. Neither Clark nor his firm appear on Coleman’s latest campaign finance filing. I wonder how many of his personalities will spontaneously turn up here in their grassroots outrage to comment on this post. In the meantime, statewide campaigns in Ohio take note…this homey don’t play that.

  • Nick

    Cindy has kept her campaign positive this whole time. Well said, Joseph.

  • Aunt Shirley

    With all due respect, Mr. Clark, the last I checked, Ms. Lazarus has not attacked anyone. Her campaign has been largely issue-oriented, where Mr. O’Grady spends lots of time discussing how he’s “endorsed” by this or that person, etc.

    What makes your claims less believable is that you are Mr. O’Grady’s communications director. Can’t he find private citizens rather than staffers to say nice things about him? I don’t know Ms. Lazarus, but she’s certainly found one of a strong advocate in me!

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