The numbers are coming in and they are breathtaking. It looks like the strategic loan – source of which we will probably never know – made by Hillary Clinton paid off in that it had the desired affect of getting snoozing supporters to write checks. They all had a collective “oh shit” moment that was, in my view, completely calculated. This is backed up by public statements now being made by the campaign:

The breakthrough moment, Mr. McAuliffe said, came after Mrs. Clinton announced early in the month that she had lent money to her campaign. “Our Internet exploded, and it has never stopped,” Mr. McAuliffe said.

Obama, however, is still leaps and bounds ahead and will stay there most likely. There are over a million now with a piece of this and they will most likely do another dip and contribute more. Team Obama is on course to raise nearly $50 million in this month alone. You’d have to be an absolute and complete political moron to think he’d limit himself to $85 million. You know McCain doesn’t want to – he’s just looking for any political hay. Hell, he’s already begging and pleading to opt out! Talk about a hypocrite!

Last two months:

January: Obama $36 million / Hillary $14 million
February: Obama ~$50 million / Hillary $35 million

That’s a two month shortfall of about $37 million for Team Billary. Still nice work duping supporters into a freakout with the loan thing. Genius, really. Gotta give it up for that! Way behind though and I imagine we’ll hear about how the evil Obama is outspending poor little old Hillary and how unfair it is. LOL. Yeah.