The BuckeyeStateBlog has the latest Hillary ad this morning and it is just jaw dropping the level to which she is stooping now as we near the March 4th firewall. Inevitability didn’t work. Retooling to “Change” didn’t work. Finding her voice didn’t work (not totally). Bullshit plagiarism charges didn’t work. Putting Bill out there didn’t work. What’s a girl to do?


Un. Fucking. Real.

So this thing gets put up on YouTube today. I’ve not seen this on TV as yet (frankly I don’t watch much). If you see it, leave a note in the comments!

I might ad that I actually hope they make a huge buy in Ohio with this. HUGE. Because it won’t play to a Democratic primary. It might make the mouth-breathing knuckle draggers whoop it up like the Quest For Fire cast, but it just ain’t gonna play with Democrats who are mighty PISSED that these types of attacks got them George W. Bush. Bet.

Renee in Ohio says it best in comments at BSB (and I boosted it for the headline):

Hillary, Karl Rove called. He says he wants his playbook back. As soon as you’re done with it.

When can we be done with this? Seriously.

Update: Remember this from 2004?

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  • So…does the POTUS really answer a phone when you call? I gotta try that! I thought it was red though.

    I’ve got another idea. Maybe when Barack is President he can hire Hillary to answer the phone?


  • I wanted to clarify #1 above. After talking to a really good friend (whose heart sank upon reading it) and my wife, I understand how this could be taken as a very sexist remark. I get that it could be taken that way and if it was I’m sorry for that.

    My wife said “had I not known you I would have taken that the wrong way”.

    Know that my comments were merely commentary on the content of the video and not implying that women are only good for being secretaries and answering phones. If you did know me, you’d immediately know I wasn’t implying that.

    I’m confident my commentary would not change if the gender roles were reversed in this ad.


  • I do have to ask any women who might visit this post. Answer this honestly. Do ads like this really influence you to vote for Hillary because she will somehow “keep you more safe”? Seriously.

    Apparently this ad is targeted at you, the Ohio woman voter, in an attempt to convince you that Hillary is a “safer choice” than Barack Obama.

    Does it work?

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