img_0354.JPGI will be in Boston on March 4 for a trade show. But I got my vote in the hopper this afternoon. I hear this early voting thing is quite the rage. Hopefully the numbers will be huge. I’ve also been hearing of some discrepancies in what poll workers are trained and what voters are being told. I didn’t see any of that at the Delaware County BOE, but I did see 3 iVotronics and 1 old paper ballot looking thing (it was not used while I was there). The other thing I noted is that the place was busy. It looked like a low traffic polling location on an actual election day – no rush, but steady traffic during the time I was there (not long).

The Obama team is making a big push on early voting and has even bused people straight from rallies to boards of elections! Fire up? Fired Up! Ready to Vote? Ready to Vote!

Find your polling location and go vote! …for Obama! 😉

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  • Note: I had not made a selection in the Congressional, so that doesn’t mean I didn’t vote for you Russ! 😉

  • I sent my absentee ballot in yesterday… marked for Obama. As did my wife (she said she voted for Obama because she didn’t think Hillary could win the general – after all, her staunch Republican father hates Hillary but likes Obama. Maybe even enough to vote for him in the general.)

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