I don’t watch much TV these days. I do check the mail daily though so I’m pretty tuned in to the direct mail battles going on at least here in Delaware County Ohio. I’m hearing the TV ratio for ads is 4-1 Obama. The direct mail must be flipped 4-1 in Hillary’s favor.

The latest piece uses an attack typical of Democrats against Republicans related to energy policy. Check it:


The insinuation is clear. Obama is in bed with big energy and Halliburton just like Dick Cheney. Notice it says “Energy company employees” and not “Oil companies”. That could be Bob Johnson who works at a local Citgo giving Barack $25. BIG ENERGY! Boo! Hell, the bill in question actually RAISED taxes on big oil while providing subsidies that benefited electric utilities and nuclear power, as well as alternative fuels research and subsidies for energy-efficient buildings and vehicles. Quite an error of omission, which appears to be the Clinton mailing machine M.O.

I await 4 long comments from ModernEsquire explaining why this is all fair game…

Factcheck.org is all over it. When it comes to mailers, Clinton’s are pretty dirty in terms of misleading the public.

Shame on you Hillary Clinton! Shame on you!

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