NASCAR is a wussy motorsport. Rally is where it’s at, and this short film showing rally legend Ari Vatanen racing a Peugeot 405 T16 to the top of Pikes Peak shows why rally takes big brass ones. Be sure to turn up your sound so you can hear the roar of the engine and the gentle swoosh of tires sliding over loose gravel.

More highlights after the jump of stuff that’ll make you clench your buttcheeks together so tight you’d turn coal into diamonds (including crashes!) Man, what I wouldn’t give for some seat time in one of those cars. I’ve done a little autocross and rallycross, but this is just way beyond that.

A collection of best moments of one of the few WRC drivers Americans may have heard of: Colin McRae, who died this past September when a helicopter he was piloting crashed due to mechanical failure. He’d race absolutely anything; he was a crazy, driven, and talented Scotsman with a real talent for smashing up cars and still keeping them running.

Some spectacular crashes. I show these not because I enjoy watching the crashes, but to underline how difficult and dangerous the sport can be. There are a couple of really close calls for spectators and officials in a few of these. I much prefer watching the amazing skill of the top drivers.

There’s a North American championship! This is video of one of the better rally drivers in North America, Canadian Patrick Richard. He’s racing a Group N car, which is substantially less expensive and less powerful than the big WRC cars.

And then American driver Travis Pastrana, who made his name stunting on dirt bikes in the X-Games. This particular X-Games event is a little contrived – normal rally stages aren’t like this “SuperSpecial” style, they’re normally on mixed surfaces running across the countryside.

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