This has been posted in other places, but some miss the point to this. Her defense of it is that there is no shame in Barack wearing “his native clothing…the clothing of his country”. Excuse me Miss Tubbs Jones, but Barack Obama’s native country is THE UNITED STATES. In order to run for POTUS it has to be, or are you that ignorant to not know the Constitution? He wears his fucking native clothing every single day you dumb-ass.

Interesting that she combines her defense of “hey, no big deal showing him wearing some cool clothes of his native land” with “we do not condone the conduct”. Interesting indeed. This clip reminded me of Mark Penn saying “cocaine” over and over again – innocently of course. 😉

Careful Miss Tubbs Jones. You are swimming in dangerous political waters here. Your district is watching and I’m going to guess that they are going to vote very differently from the way you have decided to endorse. This is going to get embarrassing for you even if you don’t make an ass out of yourself on national teevee, so you would be best advised to avoid such insult to what is sure to be injury come March 4th.