Look for yours truly on BBC giving some post-debate analysis tonight. Details to follow. I don’t think it’s live, but we’ll have the MP3 of the 10 minute segment soon enough.

I hear I’ll be on with a Texas Hillary supporter and possibly Jill Miller Zimon of WLST. Should be fun!

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  • hey eric, you will be debating vince from capitolannex.com. he is a strong hillary supporter and a good friend of mine. i am on team obama and i just wanted to drop a comment and say make us proud! remember to STAY POSITIVE. do NOT go negative on hillary. vince isn’t going negative on obama and plans to talk up hillary’s strengths. please do the same. let’s keep this debate respectful. i wish you the best of luck from team obama down here in texas!

  • @1: Will do. Look forward to it! If we mirror the campaigns at all then I’m sure I’ll be the one staying positive. 😉

    Hopefully we can share some interesting perspective from both states and have a good time talking about the debate and the big March 4 primary coming up.

    Should be good!

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