So, I may not be the best person to ask since I came into this debate feeling much more positive about Obama than Clinton, but if you were to ask – and I assume since you are reading my blog, you are asking – I think Obama won. For starters, he feels way more sincere than Clinton. His answers were substantive, and most importantly he didn’t seem to have to run around trying to spin old positions like Clinton has had to do repeatedly with previous statements and votes about the war and about NAFTA. (She’s come the closest I’ve seen to owning up to making a mistake in the original Iraq vote in her closing statement tonight, thankfully.)

That 15 minute mess on health care at the beginning seemed interminable. I did not like Brian Williams’ final question, but I thought both candidates handled it very well.

In my final analysis, I’m still for either of these candidates over any of the three GOP candidates still running, tho my strong preference is for Obama.

I don’t feel bad about deciding to pass up the opportunity to secure tickets to the debate, especially since State Route 315 is closed due to treacherous road conditions. I can’t say I’d be looking forward to driving home from Cleveland tonight.

Stay tuned for audio of Eric pontificating on the BBC!