Howard Dean believes the primary battle between Clinton and Obama will be over in the next two months. According to Dean:

“I think you’re already seeing movement among the superdelegates, the unpledged delegates and there will be more pledged delegates assigned as we go through this next round of primaries.”

“I think the odds are much better than 50-50 that the nominee will be decided before we ever get to Denver.”

  • Totally agree with Howard. It will be over. Not before Hillary is drug kicking and screaming though. Her political ambition is matched only by her husband – who has been in danger of tarnishing his legacy of late.

    If Hillary were honorable she would recognize that losing 11 states in a row and polls narrowing like mad indicate the voters are choosing her opponent. Her meandering message is not resonating and her campaign is floundering.

    The best thing for the party is to unite behind the message that IS working and build momentum where it resides instead of continuing to try to re-route the river to your own liking.

    This thing is flowing and moving in ways that she just can’t overcome long term. Unless, of course, her end-game is to just burn the whole damned thing down around her as she crawls to the nomination, which is also quite possible.

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