This NAFTA issue must be hounding them. I got this in the mail today:

(click for full pdf)

Won’t comment too much on it. I do love the “FALSE ATTACK ALERT”. Most especially in a piece that uses reporter quotes to appear as Obama quotes. I wonder if Ben Smith will correct them by claiming he “called Obama’s mail bogus”. Actually, what he said was:

An Ohio blogger gets some mail from Obama hitting Hillary on Nafta, once again using that really fairly bogus claim that she called Nafta a “boon.”

(They actually use the quote twice, the second time with the accurate context — an unexplained assertion in Newsday from 2006.)

False attack alert indeed.

Funny how we need to “fix NAFTA”. What’s wrong with NAFTA Hillz? Can you elaborate on this for us? Can you get Bill to speak on this to Ohio voters. I’m sure they’d love to hear that as well.