Whitehouse.com is reporting that Larry Sinclair – the nutjob who claims to have performed oral sex on Barack Obama in the back of a limo after the two shared cocaine and crack – is officially full of crap…

Dr. Ed Gelb, Former President of the American Polygraph Association was the Polygraph expert selected by Whitehouse.com. He has done over 30,000 polygraph examinations over his long career. There were two polygraph tests administered by Dr. Gelb on Friday. the first polygraph asked Mr. Sinclair on his sex claims. The second polygraph test asked Mr. Sinclair on the drug use claims. There was deception indicated in both tests.

( ht jeff )

  • Vitodude

    A man claims he did elicit drugs and performed homosexual acts on another guy riding around in the back of a limousine.

    Then the response is: He does not sound like a fine upstanding citizen whose claims I can believe… well duh!

    By the very nature of that logic: no one ever could be believed unless you set minimum criteria for being an upstanding credible homosexual drug addict.

    For those who believe Obama is clear based on his accuser’s reputation, then you must already have in your mind a list of standards for a person making this kind of claim.

    Please round-out the following so the rest of us who are still unsure about Obama based on Larry can follow your logic … I’ll start… perhaps if:

    (1) He studied at the prestigious San Francisco Homo Kamasutra University
    (2) An upper-crust druggie only snorts coke using rolled up $100 bills
    (3) Taste Darling, taste, only use Liberachi CDs to line up the coke…
    (4) A reputable pickle puffer never spits or gags… oh how pedestrian!
    (5) One of refined pedigree only uses 1080 HD for You Tube video

    If you believe that there is no such thing as a fully fledged and credentialed homosexual drug addict, then again, how is it possible to totally disregard the possibility based on Larry?

  • Do you suppose that he is really going to give that $10 K to charity? I can see why now he decided not to spin for the $100 K.

  • Richard

    sinclair is a liar!! hahah…CLASSIC!!!


  • @Vitodude – You are trying to elicit drugs from Larry Sinclair? I thought that Barack Obama provided those drugs?

  • Vitodude

    Richard, “I’m loving it” … Are you plagiarizing another clown named Ronald McDonald? Try taking a serious look at:


    Don, You are correct. I read Obama’s book and I am sure he would be the better connection.

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